Our Team

Wendy Barnett DipAVN(Surgical) RVN - Head of Clinical and Professional Services

Wendy Barnett.jpgWendy founded Pet Blood Bank UK in 2007, having sought both practical and feasibility advice from the National Blood Service, visited in-house programmes in the UK as well as many animal blood banks in the United States. Wendy now looks after the legislated side of PBB to maintain the Veterinary Medicine Directorate license along with promoting good transfusion practice within the UK profession.

What Wendy loves most about working for PBB:

'Having spent many years working in emergency and critical care, the need for quick and easy access to blood became more and more apparent and an avid interest in transfusion medicine was born. Plus, on a more personal note, I know all too well the importance of having blood available following the birth of my son.'

Outside of work, Wendy enjoys spending time with her two children and husband, an exotic animal veterinary specialist, and her ever growing menagerie.


Jenny Walton BVM&S MRCVS - Veterinary Supervisor

Jenny Walton.jpgJenny worked with Wendy back in 2005 to ensure the viability of PBB before launch at Crufts in 2007. Jenny now oversees the practical side of blood collection and processing, training and managing the clinical staff and advancing transfusion medicine through both an education programme and continuous research and development.

What Jenny loves most about working for PBB:

'Working for a charity that I know has saved thousands of dogs' lives; including my own dog, Erin, who required a plasma transfusion at the age of 13.'

'Every time I collect a unit of blood, I am hugely grateful to the owner and indeed the dog who is donating. I know as a vet and as an owner just what it means to keep a precious family member with you when they are critically ill. That is the difference that blood donation makes.'

Jenny continues to work as a practicing vet alongside her role in PBB, and out of work, enjoys being at home with her two daughters, dogs, chickens, ferrets and horses, or outside riding, running, skiing or gardening.


Katrina Wilkinson - Head of Operations

Katrina Wilkinson.jpgKatrina works with the Board of Trustees to develop the strategy for PBB, and works with the Team to ensure we achieve what we set out to do. She started her career in Veterinary Nursing before moving into Veterinary Management, and has been working with PBB since 2010.

What Katrina loves most about working for PBB:

'Pet Blood Bank UK is a charity that has welfare at its heart, striving to make a difference to thousands of pets lives every year. I feel very lucky to work for such an incredible organisation where the whole team is so passionate about the cause.

'We also work with the most amazing donor owners who help us make sure blood is available when other dogs need it most.'

Katrina has three very active and fun loving German Shorthaired Pointers who also happen to be blood donors for PBB. Breeze has been a donor for a number of years, and loves all the fuss and cuddles, so tends to be one of the dogs used for staff training. Rannoch also loves the attention from the Team, and Esse has just turned one, so will be making her donor debut soon.

Julia Leather - Operations Manager

Julia joined PBB in April of this year as our Operations Manager. Julia oversees all operations requirements at PBB to ensure that the team works efficiently and effectively. 

What Julia loves about working for PBB:

"It's great to work for a charity where I can put previous skills and experience to task on such a worthwhile cause. It's a pleasure to work with such dedicated owners, vets and staff all working together to deliver lifesaving servives."

Outside of work, Julia likes spending time with family and 6 silly spaniels. 

Megan Cooper - Individual Host Liaison and Events Coordinator


MMegan Cooper.jpgegan joined PBB in 2012 with a background in administration management and child care. Megan now looks after our host venues and ambassadors, and coordinates our local and CPD events.

What Megan loves most about working for PBB:

'Seeing the difference PBB makes to dogs and their owners in such desperate times makes you realise what an amazing job we all do, both individually and collectively as a team.'

Outside of work, Megan enjoys spending time with her daughter and is kept busy with three cats at home too. 


Jody Wyse - Marketing Manager

Jody Wyse.jpg

Jody manages the marketing for PBB, having spent many years workingin the drinks' industry, both agency and client side.

What Jody loves most about working for PBB:

'Raising the profile of a pioneering charity in its early lifestage yet growing at a rate of knots, being creative with limited funds, and moreover, the reward of knowing you're helping save lives of beloved pets who give us so much and ask for so little in return.'

Jody lives in Scotland with her husband, daughter and Border Terrier who never leaves her daughter's side.

Lora Vernon - Assistant Brand Manager

Lora joined PBB at the start of 2016 and has worked primarily within not-for profit organisations. She writes our newsletters which go out to our team, donor owners and veterinary customers and is responsible for updating our Facebook and Twitter pages. Lora also updates our website and handles press and media enquiries.

What Lora loves about working for PBB:

"Without a doubt, my favourite part is speaking to fantastic owners all over the country. I love hearing first hand from owners whose dogs have been helped by a transfusion and in some cases we're able to track this to one of our donors and reunite them! It's so rewarding when everything comes together like that and it really brings home the importance of what we all do."

Lora lives in Scotland and is based in Vets Now's support office. Lora spends a lot of time keeping her cat Quinn out of mischief but when she has a spare moment she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, friends and family.


Zoe Hayward - Clinical and Group Coordinator

Zoe Pic For Website

Zoe qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1997, and enjoyed her career in practice. Since 2009, Zoe has been helping out at sessions as Veterinary Nurse/ Phlebotomist for the Midlands team until her role evolved to the management of existing and new session venues nationwide.

What Zoe loves most about working for PBB:

'Working for PBB gives me the opportunity to be part of a new, fast growing charity that is both challenging and rewarding.'

Zoe is a keen photographer out of work, along with many more creative pursuits, and enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters.


Goldine Scott - Administrator

Goldine ScottGoldine joined PBB in 2012, and is responsible for ensuring all paperwork is updated after our blood donation sessions. Goldine ensures that blood test results are sent to our owners' vets and informs our donors of the results. As well as this, she is also responsible for posting and managing the session albums on PBB's popular Facebook page.

What Goldine loves most about working for PBB:

'I really feel as though I'm making a difference when I hear of the lives that our wonderful donor owners and their dogs have helped save.

'I have always been passionate about dogs, and I'm so happy to be doing something for them now.'

Michelle Cully - Session Coordinator

Michelle Cully

Michelle joined PBB in May 2015 and is the first point of contact for new and existing donors. Michelle's duties involve booking donors into sessions and explaining what happens on the day of the session. 

What Michelle loves most about working for PBB:

'I work for PBB because of the difference I am making. The donors are amazing and working at PBB is extremely rewarding knowing we are making a difference and saving lives'.

Outside of work, Michelle enjoys spending time with her two Retrievers, two chinchillas, a hamster, bearded dragon, seeing her adopted donkey and travelling.   

Oliver Bacon - Session Administrator 

Ollie.jpgOliver joined PBB in May of this year as our Session Administrator. Ollie is responsible for calling our donor owners and sending out paperwork before their appointments.

What Oliver loves about working for PBB: 

"Before I started working for Pet Blood Bank UK, I didn't realise that dogs could give blood! I really appreciate working with such a fantastic team and knowing that I am helping a poorly dog makes me thankful to be part of such an amazing cause."

In his spare time, Ollie loves baking (our team like this hobby too!) and spending time with his mischevious Jack Russell, Jack. 


Emma Batchelor - Laboratory Supervisor

Emma Batchelor

Emma joined PBB in 2010 as an Animal Care Assistant after completing a Foundation degree in Animal Management and Welfare. Emma is now Laboratory Manager which involves managing blood stock levels and making sure blood products are released to Veterinary Practices.

What Emma loves most about working for PBB:

'The best part of working for Pet Blood Bank is meeting all the fantastic donors, and knowing what they are doing is helping save so many dogs lives. I love it when we get stories back from owners whose dog has been saved.'

Outside of work, Emma enjoys spending time with her husband, family and friends. She also likes to spend a lot of her spare time shopping.  

Sophie Hancock - Stock and Distribution Co-ordinator

Sophie joined PBB in July 2016 as the Stock and Distribution Co-ordinator. Sophie records our ancillary and blood product orders and packs these up for delivery to veterinary practices across the country.

What Sophie loves most about working for PBB:

"I love that I'm able to help animals and I really enjoy working with the rest of the team."  

In her spare time, Sophie loves going on long country walks with her two dogs, Roxy and Darwin. 


Leigh Grainger (RVN) - Training and Induction Manager

Leigh qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2000 and worked in a small animal veterinary practice for 7 years before joining Edinburgh's Telford College. Leigh then started with Vets Now's training department in 2006 and joined PBB in July of this year. 

Leigh is responsible for developing staff training and CPD activities at Pet Blood Bank UK. She also helps out with our Scottish sessions. 

What Leigh loves about working for PBB:

"I love working with people who are passionate about the charity, what it stands for and what it achieves on a daily basis. I also love spending time with the fantastic donors!" 

Outside of work, Leigh spends time with her long suffering husband, Mark and son, Tom. She's also kept busy with Shadow the black Lab, Luna the GSP, Maude the moggie, Maisie the horse, KC the parrot and last but not least, Barry the giant african snail!  

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