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Jan Dixon.jpgJan Dixon BVMS MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon (Scottish Team)

Jan qualified from Glasgow Vet School in 1993, before starting work in practice in Ayrshire. The sunny climes then drew her over to practice in New Zealand and Australia for a year, before she returned to the UK to work in practice and in emergency clinics. Jan is now the Veterinary Surgeon for the Scottish Team whilst also in a Poultry Practice.

What Jan loves most about working for PBB:

'Knowing that what I'm doing is making a real difference to not only the lives of dogs but also to their families. Seeing regular donors come through the doors every 3-4 months and consistently give a pint of blood. Over time, the sessions have evolved from being solely about the dogs to now being a fantastic social event for their owners, which is great to be a part of.'

Jan enjoys baking in her spare time, and brings along treats to the Scottish sessions for all donor owners and staff to enjoy. When not at sessions, Jan juggles three children, two Vizslas (also donors), one cat, emus, peacocks and too many chickens!


Lara Howe - BSc BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon (Midlands Team)

Lara Howe

Lara joined PBB in August 2014, after spending 11 years in small animal practices across the country. She is now one of the Veterinary Surgeons for the Midlands Team.

What Lara loves most about working for PBB:

'At every collection session, I am privileged to meet some amazing donors and their owners. It is a great feeling to know that we are helping to save the lives of hundreds of other loved pets every year.'

Lara lives with her husband and two children in the Peak District. She has three hens and two elderly English springer spaniels, both of whom were blood donors when they were younger. Lara enjoys running, baking and spending time with her family and friends in her spare time. 

Gail Cockburn - RVN Veterinary Nurse 

Gail CockburnGail gained her VN Cert ECC in 2013 and has been a Locum Phlebotomist for PBB since early 2015. She is currently working at Wear Referrals in their Out of Hours Clinic.

What Gail loves most about working for PBB:

'Working for PBB allows me to contribute towards this essential service and ensure these products are available to help not only my patients, but those throughout the country who without the PBB would not be saved.'

Gail enjoys horse riding and walking her two dogs. She also enjoys spending time with her family, including her teenage niece and 8 year old nephew. 

Aoife O'Sullivan - MVB Cert AVP (ECC) MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon (Scottish Team)   


Aoife O'Sullivan SVS.JPGAoife qualified from University College Dublin in 2001 and after a period in equine and mixed practice, started working in small animal practice in 2005. Aoife has spent many years working in small animal emergency practice where blood products are used frequently. Aoife occasionally helped out with the Midlands PBB team 2010-2013 and since 2015 has been a Veterinary Surgeon for the Scottish Team. 

What Aoife loves most about working for PBB:

'I love PBB donor days - the dogs are all wonderful characters and the owners are dedicated to helping out other dogs in need. Each day I work with PBB, I am so impressed with the dogs and their owners - you couldn't ask to work alongside nicer people. Ultimately the outcome of each session is that multiple lives are saved and having worked in emergency practice for over 8 years, I have first-hand experience of using PBB blood products and know how important it is to have these life-saving products available.'

Aoife enjoys hiking and hot yoga, and also works on international veterinary charity projects in her spare time.

Molly Vallance - Animal Care Assistant

Molly - Website.JPGMolly joined PBB in July 2015 and is responsible for meeting and greeting our doggie donors and their owners. Molly also assists the office team in booking new donors and general admin duties.

What Molly loves most about working for PBB:

"I love my job because it's the most rewarding job I have ever worked in. There's no better job than being able to make a big impact whilst also meeting so many lovely people and their dogs which I get to have huge cuddles with daily."

Molly enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and pug, Gimli, attending dog shows and finding new places to walk.

Rebecca Gould - Animal Care Assistant (Scottish Team)

Rebecca Gould.jpgRebecca works as an Animal Care Assistant for the session team in Scotland. She's also busy studying Veterinary Nursing and is in her 3rd year.

What Rebecca loves most about working for PBB:

'I love working with PBB because it helps massively in my studies as I'm learning about the process of blood collection, client and work colleague interactions and the handling and positioning of dogs.'

When Rebecca isn't busy studying, she likes to spend time with friends, family and her chocolate Labrador Bubba.

Lorna Green (RVN) - Vet Nurse/Phlebotomist (Scottish Team) 

Lorna Green.JPGLorna qualified in 1997 as a Veterinary Nurse and works in our Scottish session team as a Vet Nurse/Phlebotomist. 

What she loves most about working for PBB:

'Working with PBB is so rewarding and I feel honoured to work with such amazing donors and their owners. I love hearing all of the interesting stories that owners have to tell about their pets.'

Lorna currently spends a lot of her time studying towards her Emergency and Critical Care Certificate and Anaesthesia Certificate. When she isn't busy studying, she enjoys spending time with her son, daughter and two dogs Dougie and Kerry, and Fred the cat. 



Emma Birch - Animal Care Assistant

Emma Birch.jpgEmma joined PBB as an Animal Care Assistant in June and works within our Midlands Session Team. 

What Emma loves most about working for PBB:

'I love knowing I'm contributing to helping save the lives of other dogs in need! I also love meeting all the brilliant dogs at sessions.' 

Outside of work, Emma enjoys going long walks with her dogs, Teddy, Molly and Tom. She also enjoys spending time with her two rabbits, African Pygmy hedgehog and two finches!

Claire Diamond - Animal Care Assistant (Scottish Team)

Claire joined PBB as an Animal Care Assistant with our Scottish team in 2014. She is currently studying to become a Veterinary Surgeon. 

"I attended a couple of sessions to help with my studies and found it really enjoyable, so have been working for PBB ever since. As an ACA I really enjoy chatting to owners and finding out how they got involved with PBB, as well as cuddling lots of dogs. I feel really privileged to be involved in saving so many dogs' lives."

In her spare time, Claire likes to play Ultimate Frisbee at uni, hanging out with friends and baking. 

Rawnie Dewhurst - Animal Care Assistant (Scottish Team)

Rawnie Dewhurst.JPGRawnie works in our Scotland team as an Animal Care Assistant. 

What Rawnie loves about working with PBB:

"I enjoy meeting all the donors, hearing stories of what they have been up to, giving them plenty of treats and goodies for saving lives and letting them know how amazing they are."

Outside of work, Rawnie likes walking her two dogs, Dougal and Tiger and going hill/mountain walking. 


Claire McNeil - Veterinary Surgeon 

Claire McNeil.JPGClaire joined PBB this year and works as a Veterinary Surgeon with our North East session team.  

What Claire loves most about working for PBB: 

'The best thing about working with Pet Blood Bank UK is getting to meet lots of friendly doggies, who are happy to see me as they are not sick or ill. I also get to give them all cuddles and kisses!'

Claire lives with her husband and black Lab Spencer. In her spare time, Claire enjoys going to music gigs, holidays on the West Coast of Scotland and walking her energetic dog Spencer! 

Chelsie Martin - Animal Care Assistant (Scottish Team)

Chelsie works as an Animal Care Assistant in our Scottish session team and is currently studying Veterinary Nursing at university. 

What Chelsie loves about working for PBB: 

"Being able to meet many different dogs and I like knowing that I have assisted with the process of saving many dog's lives." 

Chelsie has three dogs and three cats and outside of work, she likes to take her husky on long runs and take part in charity events.

Annie Cartwright - Vet Nurse/Phlebotomist (Midlands Team)

Annie joined PBB in May 2016 and is a Vet Nurse/Phlebotomist with our Midlands session team. 

What Annie loves most about working for PBB: 

"I absolutely love the role I have within the charity, gorgeous dogs coming in to do such an amazing thing, saving other dogs' lives. I feel very privileged to be a part of that."

Outside of work, Annie is kept busy by her very energetic little boy. She enjoys walking her dog Stella and she also has a naughty cat called Harley. 

Kate Dawes - Veterinary Surgeon

Kate Dawes.JPGKate graduated from Liverpool University in 1998 and has mainly worked in small animal practice in the Bristol area since then. Kate continues to work part-time in practice and works in our South West regional session team. She is also studying towards her certificate in advanced veterinary practice (small animal medicine).

What Kate loves most about working for PBB:

"I love working for a charity that can make such a difference to the lives of much loved pets. I enjoy meeting the amazing donor dogs and I am impressed by the dedication shown by their owners. Have had patients in practice that needed blood transfusions, I realise the importance of having available blood products, and it gives great job satisfaction to be able to contribute to this."

Kate lives near Bath with her husband and two young children. Outside of work, she enjoys playing the viola, photography and running. 

Nicky Heiling (RVN) - Veterinary Nurse/Phlebotomist

Nicky works as a Veterinary Nurse/Phlebotomist within our South West team. Nicky qualified in 2009 and continues to work in both day practice and emergency out of hours. 

What Nicky loves most about working for PBB:

"I've seen the good that having blood products available can do and I am really happy to be contributing to this."

Nicky lives in Oxfordshire with her 2 sons, 2 dogs and aquatic turtle. Outside of work, Nicky likes to spend time with her family and is currently studying towards a certificate in canine and feline nutrition. 

Laura McDonald - Animal Care Assistant (Scottish Team)

Laura volunteers as an Animal Care Assistant in our Scottish session team and has been with PBB since we started running sessions in Scotland.

What Laura loves most about working for PBB: 

"I love getting to meet lots of different dogs, and their owners who are so willing to give up their precious time to help other dogs in need."

Laura spends her spend my spare time with her own dog, Gypsy (she's 14 so is a bit too old to be a donor unfortunately!), her other half, and little boy."

Lauren Robinson - Animal Care Assistant

Lauren joined PBB in May this year as an Animal Care Assistant.

What Lauren loves about working for PBB:

"I absolutely love my job because it's so rewarding. Knowing that everyday, I get to work for PBB and I get to go home knowing we have helped save dogs' lives all over the country. As well as this, I love getting to know donor owners and much loved family pets."

Heather Ferns - Vet Nurse/Phlebotomist

Heather Ferns.jpgHeather has been a qualified veterinary nurse for over 12 years and has worked in veterinary practices across the Midlands/North West of England. Whilst working in practice, Heather was Head Nurse and gained her ESVPS Certificate in Anaethesia and Critical Care.

What Heather loves most about working for PBB: 

"Working for Pet Blood Bank is thoroughly rewarding. The team is so friendly and the atmosphere out on sessions is happy and full of pride for the donors and their owners!"

In her spare time, Heather enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 year old daughter and rescue cat Tux! She also loves cooking, gardening and running. 

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