What happens at a blood collection session?

The comfort and health of our donor dogs is of paramount importance and we aim to make the donation process as relaxed and enjoyable as possible for all involved.

The appointment is split into two parts:

  1. Health and suitability check with our fully qualified vet
  2. Donation

The vet will go through the following process with your dog prior to any donation going ahead:

  • undertake a physical examination of your dog and take its health history
  • carefully clip and clean a small area of your dog's neck
  • microchip your dog if it not already microchipped

If all is well, your dog will go through to the donation room where a fully qualified phlebotomist will draw about 450ml of your dog's blood

Once the donation is made your dog will be brought to the refreshments area for a well earned drink and snack.

You are then ready to go home, some dogs may want to take it easy for a little while, but many will get on with their normal routine.

In total, you should allow around 40 minutes for your appointment, although the actual donation process only takes between 5 and 10 minutes.

Watch a short video of Lexi giving blood to find out more

Download our step by step guide to donation day

Download our post-donation advice sheet

Annual Blood Health Profile

Each of our donors will be provided with a full haematology and biochemistry profile on an annual basis.  This underlines our commitment to animal welfare, not only ensuring donors are healthy, but also helping the owner build up a good picture of their dog's blood profile which can help to pick up on important changes in their health over the years.