The Heart of PBB Award is an award scheme which celebrates those who hold Pet Blood Bank UK close to their hearts and have made a difference in helping us collect and supply lifesaving blood. 

Without the help of our kind supporters over the years, we wouldn’t be where we are today, and therefore we wanted to show our gratitude through the Heart of PBB Award.

One of our biggest supporters was Debra. Debra was our first member of staff back in 2007, and her passion and determination was a driving force. She lived and breathed PBB, and never missed an opportunity to tell others about the work we do. She went on to play an instrumental role in the setting up of our volunteering programme.

Debra sadly lost her fight against cancer in 2011. At PBB, we felt her legacy should live on by recognising something that was so close to her heart - the support of the supporters. Hence, the Heart of PBB Award was born.

Heart of PBB Categories

The Heart of PBB Award has four categories: Host Venue, Volunteering, Fundraising and The Bramble Craddock Award.


A volunteer who has gone the extra mile to make a difference. Examples include spreading the word locally, helping make collection sessions a great experience and helping us run the charity as efficiently as possible, not a financial contribution.


An individual or team who has made the most difference and raised funds for PBB.

The Bramble Craddock Award

The Bramble Craddock Award was launched in honour of our highest donating dog who sadly passed away last year. Bramble Craddock was a very special dog, who like many of our donors will be forever at the heart of PBB.

Heart of PBB was launched 4 years ago to recognise and celebrate the help PBB receives from our supporters. It seems only fitting that as well as 'human supporters' we should also recognise the phenomenal support we receive from our donors. The Bramble Craddock Award is open to all of our donors because we know as dog owners and lovers ourselves, just how much our dogs give to us and others.

The award celebrates the wonderful role that dogs have in our lives. Nominations will be judged on what makes your dog 'special'. Has your dog been your rock during a difficult time? Is your dog a Therapet, a retired guide dog, a rescue dog, a working dog or an ambassador for your breed or dogs in general? Or quite simply, maybe just having your dog as your companion has had a lasting impact for you.

Host Venue

A venue which provides facilities for donation sessions and supports PBB over and above hosting blood donation sessions. Examples include a venue which goes that extra mile to find new donors and increase awareness for PBB.