Pet Blood Bank UK places animal welfare at the heart of its charitable remit and we have set exceptionally high standards with regards to wellbeing. This guiding principle is central to our standard operating procedures and in the training of our staff.

We aim to produce high quality blood products for use by the veterinary profession without compromising donor welfare. We achieve this through careful donor selection, highly skilled and trained staff and gold standard operating procedures, all of which are regularly monitored and audited by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

The centralised collection, processing and distribution of canine blood products has improved the welfare of canine blood donors by allowing scheduled, non-emergency collections by highly trained and specialised staff. 

Only dogs in good health and of suitable temperament are selected as donors.  

Donors will always be treated with the utmost respect and sensitivity, and donations will be taken in such a way as to minimise any anxiety or discomfort. If there should ever be concerns about a donor's wellbeing the donation would be immediately stopped.

Pet Blood Bank UK is committed to monitoring and recording donor wellbeing in order to create a pool of ideal long-term donors.