Dog Jog - Withdrawal Statement, 18 July 2018

We have made the difficult decision to withdraw our support for Dog Jog 2018.

Our main concern is the health and welfare of the dogs and with temperatures forecast to be more than 30C in some parts of the country over the next few weeks we feel that it would not be in the best interests of the dogs to participate in this event due to the associated risks. Our number one priority is that everyone and their dogs who are participating in the event have a safe and enjoyable time and as it stands this is at risk due to the predicted weather conditions. Hopefully you will appreciate that this is beyond our control.

We have been trying to contact the organisers of Dog Jog to discuss the welfare of the dogs taking part but to no avail, so we feel we’ve had no alternative but to fully withdraw from this event for the remainder of the year. 

We are sorry for the disappointment and disruption caused to everyone who was looking forward to attending the event, but as dog lovers we trust you will agree this is the right thing to do.

We appreciate many of you have already started fundraising and would respectfully request you offer a full refund to your sponsors or you consider arranging an alternative fundraising challenge/event when more suitable weather conditions prevail.

Finally, we’d like to thank all our supporters for their understanding.