If you are thinking about organising your own fundraising event, there is lots to consider. These are some of our tips and tricks to help you get started and make the most of your fundraising.

Things to think about
  • Do something you enjoy – can you create an event around one of your hobbies? Think about what your friends and family like too and come up with an idea that will be fun for everyone. The best way to fundraise is by doing something you love.
  • Share your story – sharing why you are fundraising really helps people connect to your cause. Be personal, tell your story and show your passion.
  • Set a fundraising target and budget – give yourself a goal to work towards, but make sure you think about any costs involved in putting on your event. You may need to raise more to cover upfront costs.
  • Get your friends involved – make it fun by asking your friends to help you organise the event. Together, you will be able to raise even more!
  • It’s always worth asking – think about what you need for your event and how you can get it. If you are running a tombola, ask your friends to have a clear out and donate any unused items. For a raffle, ask local businesses. You will be surprised at how many businesses will donate their goods or services for a good cause.
  • Spread the word – make sure to shout about what you are doing! Display posters, hand out leaflets or use social media to tell as many people as possible about your event. Free design software, such as Canva, can help you to create high-quality resources to spread the word. Sharing helps to raise more money so get the word out as much as you can.
The legal bit
  • Permission – make sure you get any appropriate licenses for holding your event in a public place. Your local council can help with this.
  • Insurance – if your event is open to the general public, you will need to have public liability insurance. Some venues will have their own that will cover you so check with them first.
  • Food and alcohol – if you are serving food at your event, be aware of food safety regulations. You can check with the Food Standards Agency which ones may apply. If you are serving alcohol, you will need a licensed venue.
Ready to start fundraising?

Once you have your brilliant idea and are ready to start fundraising, we’d love to hear from you. We will support you in any way that we can to help make your fundraising as amazing as possible. Please get in touch by completing our online form or give us a call on 01509 232 222. 

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