Online CPD

As veterinary medicine develops, we believe that webinars are a valuable and important tool in helping educate the profession.

In line with our charitable aims, we will be producing a series of webinars for veterinary professionals which share our current knowledge of transfusion medicine and advancements within the field. 

Upcoming webinars 

We have a series of four free specialist evening webinars coming up. These start in September and run through to next year covering canine transfusion medicine in conjunction with The Webinar Vet.

  1. 'The Registered Veterinary Nurse’s Role in Transfusion Medicine' with Charlotte Fennell - Tuesday 29 October at 7pm 
  2. 'Canine Blood Transfusions – selecting the right donor, the right product and when and how to use the products' with Kate Murphy - Wednesday 4 December at 8pm 
  3. To be confirmed 

After each webinar, we will release the recording on our CPD website so if you missed it at the time, you can still access the training.

We currently have the following webinars available: 

  • Immune-mediated Haemolytic Anaemia: from diagnosis to management - delivered by Craig Breheny, Lecturer in Emergency and Critical Care Medicine at Edinburgh University Dick Vet  
    • In this webinar, Craig takes a detailed look at the common presentation of Immune-mediated Haemolytic Anaemia, discussing diagnostics and management.
  • Transfusion Medicine: where have we come in the last 10 years - delivered by Amanda Boag, Clinical Director of Vets Now
    • In this webinar, Amanda will discuss the advancement of transfusion medicine including literature and surrounding research in the field and how they may impact on the care of our patients. 
  • Camelid Plasma Webinar - delivered by Claire Whitehead, RCVS Recognised Specialist in Camelid Health and Production, and Jenny Walton, Veterinary Supervisor at Pet Blood Bank UK
    • In this webinar, Claire and Jenny provide support and education to veterinary professionals on the safe and effective way to collect and use camelid blood.
  • Canine Plasma Webinar series - presented by Jenny Walton, Veterinary Supervisor at Pet Blood Bank UK
    • This webinar offers practical advice and guidance on plasma, indications for use, storage and administration and explains why each practice should have at least one bag of FP in their freezer.
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If you have any suggestions for future webinars that you would like to see from PBB, please email We would love to hear from you.