Pet Blood Bank exists to help save lives.

We are a caring charity and have welfare at our core, but we are also pioneering and will push to the next level while staying grounded and real, knowing what is possible.

Our values are threaded through everything we do. They are our foundation and what makes us who we are. They are:

Caring. Simply, we help to save lives. We do this because we live and breathe animals and operate as a charity to care for them. Welfare is at the core of what we do and is always our priority. We care about every dog and person we interact with, we care about each other and everyone we work alongside, but we also care about things bigger than ourselves. We are conscious of the world around us and the part we play in it.

Pioneering. We are scientific in thought and in practice. We quickly identify opportunities and pioneer them. We are continuously growing, evolving and researching to ensure we lead the advancement of blood banking and transfusion medicine. We embrace change and challenge ourselves to move forward, but always do so in a responsible and caring way.

Real. We are pioneering and caring but everything we do is based on fact. We can only do what we do because of extensive research and evidence. We care about what we do but apply reason to our thinking to keep us grounded. We apply logic and solutions to problems. If there are no practical solutions, we will work to find an alternative solution or another way.

Our values are incorporated into everything we do and shown by everyone who works for us.