Pet Blood Bank exists to help save lives.

We are a caring charity and have welfare at our core, but we are also pioneering and will push to the next level while staying grounded and real, knowing what is possible. We need the right people in our teams; people who hold the same values as us and can help continue to build our reputation as a pioneering, caring and practical charity.

Values-based approach to recruitment

A values-based approach to recruitment helps us attract and select employees whose personal values and behaviours align with ours.

Evidence suggests that values-based recruitment is good practice and benefits both the individual and the organisation. Staff whose values align with those of their employer have greater workplace satisfaction and motivation; employees are less likely to leave an organisation with whom they share values and likely to work more effectively in teams to deliver excellent service.

Please read our Guidance for Candidates for more information relating to our values-based recruitment approach.

South East Team

We are looking for Veterinary Nurses and Donor Assistants to join our South East team

North East Team

We are recruiting Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Nurses to work at venues across the North East

Stock and Distribution Coordinator

We are looking for a full time Stock and Distribution Coordinator to join our team in Loughborough

Processor and Distribution Assistant

We are looking for a Processor and Distribution Assistant to join our team in Loughborough