Welfare is at the very heart of what we do. The wellbeing of our pet donors is always our priority and our standards are exceptionally high.

Our donors are carefully selected, our team are highly skilled, and our operations are gold standard. We are monitored and audited by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate; an executive government agency committed to protecting animal welfare.

Donating through Pet Blood Bank, where the donation environment, team, and process are planned in advance, ensures a calm and positive donor experience. Having a highly specialised team who are trained in and perform blood collection regularly means the donation is smooth and quick. We train our team to recognise even the most subtle signs of anxiety in animals and stop the donation process immediately if a pet appears at all uncomfortable.

Vets regard us as having the highest donor welfare standards. We treat our donors in the same way they treat the animals under their care, with love and respect, as if they were our own pets.

Our strict quality control guarantees our products are always of the highest standard. Vets and owners can trust that any pet needing blood will receive the best product available from us.

We work to make our products as accessible as possible, using fundraising to help subsidise costs. The cost charged for blood is to cover what we incur to run the service, which we commit to keeping as low as possible. Our close working relationship with vet practices and their matching desire to save patients’ lives means we have an agreement where there is no mark up charge to owners. We also provide a free advice service for vets, comprehensive guides, and accessible education and training. These measures help to ensure the welfare of any pets who need a blood transfusion.

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Welfare is always our top priority