Please see the guides and documents below for information on the receipt and storage of different blood component units. We have also included template temperature logs that you can download and use in practice, along with a guide on how to read the timestrips we use on some products during delivery. 

Red cell units

The documents below are for Packed Red Blood Cell and Stored Whole Blood units. 

Plasma units

The documents below are for Fresh Frozen Plasma, Frozen Plasma, Cryo-Precipitate, and Cryo-Supernatant units. 

Platelet units

The documents below are for Platelet Concentrate units.

Temperature monitored deliveries

We use single-use temperature and time monitor strips on our blood products when they are being delivered to a more remote location. This will indicate if the maximum storage temperature for the product has been exceeded while in transit and for how long. For information on how to read and use these, please refer to the guide below.