Whether you have a birthday coming up or would like to fundraise in memory of a pet or loved one, raising money for Pet Blood Bank can be a lovely way to make a difference.

You can ask for donations to Pet Blood Bank instead of gifts for your birthday or a special anniversary. Or, if you’ve sadly lost your pet or a loved one, you can support us in their memory by asking friends and family to donate. These are both really lovely ways to make a difference and help us spread the word among your friends and family.

Every donation we receive makes a big difference to the lives of pets across the country. Thank you.

Create a fundraising page

Creating a fundraising page makes it really easy for your friends and family to support you. Setting a target will encourage more people to donate and you can easily share the page by email or on social media. Adding some photos and the story behind why you are fundraising is also very powerful.

Create your page on our fundraising platform now

Create a Facebook fundraiser

Facebook has some fantastic tools that allow you to fundraise for the causes you care about. You can create a birthday fundraiser or a fundraiser in memory of your pet, or use the ‘support charity’ button to ask people to donate in a post. Fundraising on Facebook is easy and all the money raised comes directly to us.

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Funeral collections

We know that losing a loved one is devastating. Having a funeral collection is a lovely way to remember them and support a cause they cared about. If you would like to remember a loved one by asking for donations to Pet Blood Bank in their memory, please email us at supporter@petbloodbankuk.org or call us on 01509 232 222 so we can support you with this.