We are committed to making a difference to the lives of pets.

Our aim to advance animal health and welfare means we are dedicated to providing lifesaving blood products and advancing the fields of blood banking and transfusion medicine for pets.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge with vets to increase awareness and understanding of the known and developing roles that blood can play in helping to save lives. Vets save thousands of lives every year using our blood products.

We work with leading vet specialists to create free education and support materials for vets and vet nurses. Our webinars provide expert advice and are free to access on demand. We attend vet conferences and visit vet practices and universities across the country to share our knowledge. Our training, advice, and resources support vets to save lives.

We contribute to research to help further knowledge of blood banking and transfusion medicine. We have published papers in some of the leading vet publications and continue to influence clinical practice.

We work with the veterinary industry to understand and investigate future developments in blood products and explore new ways of using blood to treat pets.