Pet Blood Bank supplies all of the key ancillary consumables you will need for blood collection and administration in dogs and cats. If you are unfamiliar with how to use one of our products, we have created a short video guide on each to help you. 

Blood administration equipment

VS50 Blood Administration Set
T20N Blood Administration Set
Baxter infusion pump extension line
Needle free injection spike

Blood collection equipment 

250ml CPDA Collection Bag
450ml Quad Bag Collection System
Small animal single bag syringe collection system
Small animal double bag syringe collection system
Blood bag holder
Fridge and freezer max/min thermometer with single display
Fridge and freezer max/min thermometer with dual display


Alvedia Blood Typing Kits
Alvedia Canine DAT Kit
Alvedia Cross Match Kit
Woodley Cross Match Kit
Combined Blood Tube Stripper and Sealer