Once we have booked your appointment at a donation session, you will receive a confirmation letter, consent form, and donor health check form. Please complete these and bring them to your appointment along with your dog’s vaccination record. We will also send you a friendly text message reminder a few days before your appointment.

When you arrive at the session, our team who are hosting the session will welcome you.

Your appointment has three key parts and you can stay with your dog throughout the whole process:

  1. First, your dog receives a pre-donation health check from our vet. This is to check they are fit and healthy to donate and includes:
    • A physical examination of your dog
    • Going through their health history
    • Clipping and cleaning two small areas of your dog’s neck
    • A small blood sample and some tests
  2. Next, for the donation, your dog will be lifted onto a table and asked to lie on their side. The donation we take is approximately 450ml of blood. This takes between 5 and 10 minutes. While donating, your dog gets a lovely tummy rub from our team.
  3. After their donation, dogs get their ‘tea and biscuits’, which is a drink of water and a snack. We give you a goody bag to take home which contains a toy and some treats, and we take your dog's photo for our Facebook page. The treats in your dog's goody bag are generously donated by Burns Pet Nutrition

In total, you should allow around 45 minutes for your appointment.

Following donation, we advise that dogs rest for the rest of the day and can go back to their normal routine the next day.

Use of treats at donation sessions

To make the donation experience very positive and exciting for your dog, we give them treats throughout the appointment. Giving your dog treats allows us to build a positive bond and trusting relationship with them. It also enables us to reward your dog in a meaningful and continuous way for their engagement in the process.

The health of your dog is always our priority. Therefore, if your dog is on a special diet or you would prefer to bring your own treats or kibble for them, please do. This means we can still reward them for their involvement in the session using treats you are happy for them to receive. Our team will always ask before giving your dog any treats.

Each unit your dog donates can help save the lives of up to four dogs.

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