If you stock blood products at your practice and would be happy to share these with other local practices, you can become a member of our sharing scheme. Please read the information below and then complete our registration form. Our team will then add your practice details to our blood sharing locator.

It is useful to retain the packaging your blood product(s) come in from Pet Blood Bank if you are part of the sharing scheme. This will enable you to quickly package up any blood products that another practice needs to borrow. You can find guides on how to repack blood products at the bottom of this page.

Being a blood sharing practice

When you receive a request from a practice, the following steps should be followed:

  1. When you receive a blood product request, check your stock and decide if you can lend what the practice needs.
  2. If you can share your blood, please ensure it is the correct product and blood type required. Also check it is within date and undamaged.
  3. If you also stock blood administration sets or typing kits, check with the practice if they require these.
  4. Package the order using the packing instructions at the bottom of this page. If possible, include the product data-sheet with the order or remind the borrowing practice that they can download this from our website. Remind the person collecting the blood to handle it with care, especially frozen plasma as this is brittle, and that the ports and bag are susceptible to damage if handled incorrectly.
  5. Keep a record of who borrowed the blood, the product details, the serial (D) number of the unit, the date borrowed, and the name and signature of the person who collected it. It is also useful to keep a note of the person at the borrowing practice who is responsible for invoicing so we can invoice them directly for the replacement.
  6. As soon as you can, place an order for a replacement product(s) stating the following:
    • That the product(s) is a replacement from the sharing scheme (remember to include any consumables you supplied)
    • The contact details of the borrowing practice
    • The date the product(s) were borrowed
  7. We will then send you a replacement product overnight and invoice the borrowing practice.

Thank you for supporting us by being a part of the sharing scheme. This means we can help get blood to practices who need it quickly and reduce any costs of same-day deliveries from Pet Blood Bank for clients.

Sharing scheme registration form

Help ensure blood is always available by joining our blood sharing scheme.

Blood repacking guides

How to repack your blood products for local sharing

Blood sharing locator

Find your nearest sharing practice