When you need blood urgently, time can be vital. The blood sharing scheme allows vet practices across the UK to list the blood products they stock in practice on our website. Using our blood sharing locator, you can then identify practices close to you where blood can be borrowed from when you need it.

The blood sharing scheme saves time and reduces the costs of any same-day deliveries from us. It also reduces product wastage as it means blood is used more quickly with multiple practices being able to utilise products within their shelf life.

How the blood sharing scheme works
  1. Put your postcode into our blood sharing locator. This will show local practices that have blood available to share.
  2. If you find a practice near you, phone them directly to ask if they have the product you need.
  3. Ensure you check the expiry date of the product with the practice before collecting it.
  4. Ask about any consumables, such as administration sets and typing kits, that you need as the practice may also have these available.
  5. Agree on a time with the practice for you or a courier to collect the blood.
  6. On collection or receipt of the blood product(s), immediately check for the following:
    • The product is the right one
    • The blood type is correct
    • The product is in date and undamaged
    • Any consumables requested are present
    • The datasheet is available – if this has not been included, you can download it by logging into your online Pet Blood Bank account
  7. Contact the practice you borrowed the blood from if you have any questions. It is the responsibility of the veterinary surgeon borrowing the product to ensure it is correct.
  8. On collection of the blood, you or the courier should sign to confirm you have received it.
  9. Invoicing information should be given to the practice you are borrowing the blood product from so they can re-order what you have borrowed. We will send you the invoice for the blood product(s), any consumables, and the overnight delivery charge. For prices, please see our price list.
  10. If, after arranging to collect a unit(s) of blood, there is a change in the situation and you no longer require the product, please contact the practice to let them know.

If you cannot find the blood you need through the sharing scheme, please contact us to arrange same-day delivery. We operate 24 hours a day.


Practices sharing blood locally do so at their own convenience and decide on their own stock levels. Once the blood products have left Pet Blood Bank, we are no longer responsible for the monitoring of these. Borrowing products locally is done so at your own risk.

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