If you need blood products immediately, please call us on 01509 232 222 and select option 1.

Before we can supply you with blood products and consumables, you need to set up an account with us. Please follow the link at the bottom of this page to register with us and create your account. This process involves agreeing to our terms and conditions and so should be completed by a senior member of staff. 

On receipt of your application, Pet Blood Bank will verify your account and you will receive an email from us confirming your account has been set up.


All urgent orders should be placed by phone to allow us to process your request as quickly as possible. Non-urgent orders should be placed using our online ordering system. Please share the login details for your online account with all team members who will need access to order blood products. 

Product pricing

All our products are supplied at cost price. This is the cost of running the service including the collection, processing, storage and supply of blood products. By signing our terms and conditions, you agree to only charge clients the cost price of any blood products.