By donating to or fundraising for Pet Blood Bank, you will help to save the lives of pets across the country.

Our lifesaving blood helps to save the lives of thousands of pets every year. Your support will allow us to provide more blood to pets in need, as well as invest for the future through research and education.

Because of your help, these are just some of the things we can do.

We can offer free blood products to veterinary charities

Because of the incredible support of our fundraisers, we can offer veterinary charities in the UK free access to our blood products. Cost can be a serious consideration when treating an animal and some owners who rely on veterinary charities may be unable to afford access to blood for their pet. Due to this, many had to rely on the generosity of local owners bringing their pets to donate on an emergency basis. Finding a donor in this way can be very difficult and stressful.

Fundraising has allowed us to offer these fantastic charities access to our blood products for free. This means they now have a quick and convenient way to get blood for their patients who need it.

Bolt is just one dog who was helped by this initiative. He received treatment funded by StreetVet for a condition that meant his body was attacking its own red blood cells. In severe cases, like Bolt’s, a blood transfusion is often needed when the blood cell count gets dangerously low. The blood Bolt received helped to save his life, blood he had access to because of your support.

We can provide free education to vets and vet nurses

Alongside providing blood products, we are committed to sharing knowledge and offering free education to vets and vet nurses. We work with leading vet specialists who provide expert advice on transfusion medicine. Our webinars aim to share this knowledge so that vets can save more pets using blood products. It is thanks to fundraising and donations that we can offer this education to all vets and vet nurses for free.

We can keep the price of our blood products as low as possible

Your fundraising and donations help us keep the costs of our blood products as low as possible. The blood we supply is at cost price. This is the cost of running our service including the collection, processing, storage and supply of blood products. We have an agreement with the vets we supply blood to that they will also charge the owner cost price, so nobody makes any money on the blood donated.

Your support means we can subsidise the cost of some blood products, making them even more accessible. The cost of our Fresh Frozen Plasma almost halved thanks to fundraising support.

We can help to save more lives

We are here to help save lives. Your support means we can continue to run our lifesaving service and reach as many pets as possible. Pets like Minnie, who was once a donor herself before being on the receiving end of blood after becoming seriously unwell. Watch her story below to see the difference blood can make.