As a business, you are in a fabulous position to help us spread the word about Pet Blood Bank and encourage more owners to consider registering their dogs as lifesaving blood donors. Whether you are a pet store, groomer, walker, trainer, or any other service that works with dogs, you can help us out in so many local communities. By encouraging owners to register their dogs, you will assist us in increasing our stocks of lifesaving blood, which will help dogs up and down the country.

We understand how busy running a business can be, but it can be very quick and easy to mention blood donation to customers or clients with healthy dogs who might be suitable. This can plant a seed and lead to us gaining a lovely new donor down the line. Whether a brief mention of Pet Blood Bank or a full conversation, anything you can do to help us reach these owners is so appreciated.

Locate your nearest Pet Blood Bank donation session

To find out if there is a blood donation session near your business that you can let owners know about, pop your postcode into our session locator. We are always adding new venues so even if all our current ones are too far away, we may come closer to your area in the future. 

Business support pack

If there is a session near you and you would like to support us by spreading the word among your customers or clients, we have created a pack that includes all the information you need. Please use the form below to request a copy. Thank you so much for your support. 

If you are a vet practice, please use our veterinary receptionists support pack

Request your support pack

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