We are very pleased to support the alpaca community by offering a collection kit and blood processing service for alpaca vets.

This service facilitates the processing of alpaca whole blood into plasma, which is sometimes needed for newborn crias. When a cria is born, it is vital they suckle enough of their mother’s milk (colostrum) soon after birth. This gives them the antibodies they need to fight infection during their first few weeks of life. If a cria does not receive enough colostrum from their mother within 24 hours of birth, a plasma transfusion can provide a lifeline to help them build this immunity.

In addition to alpacas, our license includes provision for blood processing for llamas, guanacos, and vicunas. We can provide the service described on this page for any of these species.

How the service works

We work with your vet to provide everything they need to collect blood from your alpacas, including guides, equipment, and a courier service to return the blood to us. When we receive the blood, we process this into plasma and red cells. The blood products are then returned to your vet to store ready for when a cria needs them.

It is important to note that blood collected from your alpacas can only be used within your own herd. This is because there is a risk of disease transfer between herds if blood is taken from one herd and given to another. Your vet will choose appropriate donor alpacas from your herd to provide the blood needed for crias.

How to access the service

All enquiries about our alpaca service must come from your vet. We recommend that you speak with your vet to decide if the service is appropriate. They can then get in touch with us for further information and discuss using our service.