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General small animal transfusion medicine
Platelet Concentrate: what is it and how should we use it?

Rob Foale

An introduction to feline transfusion medicine

Anna Threlfall

Anticoagulant rodenticide toxicity

Helen Harrison

Canine blood transfusions: selecting products and when and how to use them

Kate Murphy

Canine blood types and pre-transfusion compatibility testing

Helen Rooney

FeLV: an update

Brigitte Wilkens

How to prepare for and monitor a transfusion

Helen Rooney

IMHA: from diagnosis to management

Craig Breheny

Pre-transfusion recipient screening

Ludivine Boiron

The nurse’s role in transfusion medicine

Charlotte Fennel

Transfusion medicine: where we have come in the last 10 years

Amanda Boag

The plasma series – why you should always keep plasma in stock
Acute coagulopathy of trauma

Emma Donnelly and Neus Elias

Clotting disorders and the use of plasma

Fergus Allerton

Diagnostic approach and management of common canine coagulopathies

Monica Augusto

Eyes, ulcers, and plasma

Neil Geddes

Novel plasma use for CRGV: Therapeutic plasma exchange

Tom Greensmith

Primary Haemostatic Defects, IMTP, and Thrombocytopenia

Mark Dunning

Alpaca and New World Camelid transfusion medicine
Camelid plasma webinar

Claire Whitehead and Jenny Walton