Every donation your dog makes can help to save the lives of up to four other dogs. Together, all our lifesavers help to save thousands of lives every year!

The best way for us to show how big a difference your dog’s blood can make it through the words of owners whose dogs have needed a blood transfusion.

‘Pet Blood Bank has helped to save our family twice. We want to say a huge heartfelt thank you to all the donors and their humans for everything they do. Our family wouldn’t be complete without their help and we couldn’t be more grateful.’ – Fern and Luke Carvalho

‘You don’t realise how something is so important until you are faced with it yourself. Hugo became very ill very quickly, and had it not been for the fantastic dogs who give blood, he wouldn’t have made it. My husband has now even been inspired by these four legged lifesavers to join me and become a blood donor too. I cannot tell you how much this special service means to me, my husband and my baby Hugo. You all deserve medals; you are all my heroes.’ – Rebecca Reay

‘We had never heard of Pet Blood Bank UK and hadn’t really given much thought to what happens if a dog needs blood urgently. We are so grateful to the vet, the donors and their owners without whom Angel would probably not be with us today.’ – Simon Taylor

‘We still have a long road ahead but without the blood donors Otis would not be here today. We are so so very grateful and send big hugs and lots of love to the doggy donors.’ – Teresa Lockton

‘Pet Blood Bank really is Sizzle’s lifeline. Due to his haemophilia, Sizzle will be dependent on blood products for his entire life. The kindness of other owners allowing their dogs to donate means we can give Sizzle the best life possible. It’s priceless to us. We couldn’t be more grateful.’ – Emma Gray

'After recovering, Teasel continued to have a wonderful life, giving our family much more happiness, until the time came to let her go earlier this year, aged 13 years 10 months. We miss her hugely, but we are so grateful to those considerate owners and their dogs that donate to the blood bank. I did not know Pet Blood Bank existed until Teasel's time of need. Thank goodness you were there, and thank you for your priceless donation of blood.’ – Simon Austin

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