We are very pleased to support the alpaca community with our service package for vets. This service enables the collection and processing of whole blood into plasma and red cell units. These units are then returned to you so the plasma can be used in crias with a failure of passive transfer following inadequate colostrum intake.

In addition to alpacas, our license includes provision for blood processing for llamas, guanacos, and vicunas. We can provide the service described on this page for any of these species.

Our service includes everything you need for blood collection, as well as blood processing by Pet Blood Bank.

We provide:

  • The provision of collection kit with all the equipment and consumables you need to collect whole blood to be sent to us for processing
  • A courier to collect the blood and collection kit and return it to our processing centre
  • Processing of your whole blood into plasma and packed red blood cells
  • Delivery of your products overnight or the same day to your practice

For more details on our New World Camelid service, please see the documents at the bottom of this page. Completed booking forms should be returned to orders@petbloodbankuk.org.

Blood collection support

To support your blood collection, we have an online webinar available that provides helpful tips and advice on how to effectively and safely collect blood from alpacas. This was created and delivered with the support of Claire Whitehead, RCVS Recognised Specialist in Camelid Health and Production.

Camelid plasma webinar

Claire Whitehead and Jenny Walton