All of our Advisors are working practitioners. We usually respond within 30 minutes, however, it may take between one to two hours.

It helps us in our ability to assist your decisions if a presumptive diagnosis is known. If this is unknown, please provide as many baseline test results as possible; including (but not confined to):

  • PCV / TS
  • Platelet Count
  • PT
  • APTT

Other details, such as weight of patient and co-existing conditions/medications are also important.

Our Vet Helpdesk is an online portal which helps us assist veterinary professionals easily and efficiently. To receive advice on your case, please click below and set up an account. You must then create a 'ticket' with details of your case and our Advisors will be notified of your request. If you have any problems, please call 01509 232 222.  

Vet Helpdesk
Our Veterinary Supervisor, Jenny Walton BVM&S MRCVS, is online to help. For more complex cases, you will be referred to our Advisors