Albumin replacement solutions are poorly available for use in dogs. A recent retrospective by Culler et al (2019) in the Journal of Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care described the use of Cryo-supernatant (Cryo-S) as a constant rate infusion for albumin replacement in critically ill dogs.

Cryo-S is a by-product made during the production of Cryo-precipitate and contains more albumin in a g/ml basis than Fresh Frozen Plasma. It is also significantly cheaper ml for ml.

Dogs in the study received an average total dose of 31ml/kg at a mean rate of 1.8ml/kg/hr for a median of 16 hours (range 11-121). This was associated with a mean increase of albumin from 15.4g/l to 21g/l. Dogs that received a higher rate of Cryo-S infusion had a bigger increase in albumin.

Based on this study, it seems that Cryo-S may be a viable product for use in hypoalbuminaemic dogs to increase albumin concentration. Large volumes are required - based on this study a 10kg dog would have received 310ml of Cryo-S which is just over two units (each Cryo-S unit contains a minimum of 140ml). This is significantly cheaper than the equivalent volume of Fresh Frozen Plasma.


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