Two of our wonderful donors in Scotland recently retired after each donating over 20 times! At the last session we held at Dick Vets in Edinburgh, Roxy retired having donated 21 times, and Yogi retired after 23 donations. These are both fantastic numbers of donations to reach and together their blood could have saved up to 176 lives! This is amazing and we are so grateful and thankful to have had them as donors, as we are with all our donors who reach retirement.

Roxy’s owner Gail, and Yogi’s owner Angela, let us know what their dogs being blood donors meant to them and how they feel now that they have reached retirement.

Gail said, Donating blood is something Roxy has enjoyed due to the welcome and attention the Pet Blood Bank team and volunteers give the dogs. Roxy giving blood makes me so proud of her, she is definitely a hero. On her last donation, her blood was used immediately as there was an emergency at the Dick Vets and a dog needed a transfusion I believe, so I sort of got to see whole process which was amazing and emotional. I am so proud of Roxy.’

Angela said, When I first saw Pet Blood Bank on Facebook, I knew straight away Yogi would be a fab donor and signed him up. He took to it straight away and was always happy and relaxed. He just loves people who make a fuss of him and when we would arrive at the Dick Vets he knew why he was there: to eat biscuits and get clapped! And then there was a toy to take home too. I am very proud of what he has achieved and think he is a great ambassador for both the Dobermann breed and Pet Blood Bank. I couldn’t be a prouder donor mum.

Thank you, Roxy and Yogi! We hope you both enjoy your well deserved retirement. And thank you to Gail and Angela for bringing Roxy and Yogi to donate over the years. To reach such high numbers of donations takes a huge amount of commitment and dedication from owners and we are very grateful for the support.