When time is of the essence, we appreciate that waiting for a delivery from us can sometimes be too long. We facilitate a blood sharing scheme that allows practices to ‘share’ blood products in an emergency.

Joining the Scheme

If you would like to allow practices to share blood products within your practice, you can become a member of the Blood Sharing Scheme by completing our registration form.

When complete, please send this to info@petbloodbankuk.org. We will then add your contact details onto our Blood Sharing Locator. Veterinary surgeons who require blood urgently can then search using their postcode to find ‘sharing’ practices close by. 

Please note PBB do not have UK distribution centres and practices locally sharing do so at their own convenience. PBB is not responsible for monitoring blood products once they have left the premises and therefore sharing of blood products is done at your own risk.

How it Works

Guidelines to assist with ensuring a successful outcome for both the veterinary practice ‘sharing’ the blood and the practice ‘borrowing the blood’ as part of the scheme.

For the veterinary practice storing and ‘sharing’ the blood with another practice:

If your practice routinely holds blood products in stock, you can register as a ‘sharing’ member. Your details will then be listed on the PBB ‘Blood Sharing’ locator. A veterinary practice looking to ‘borrow’ blood will contact you directly to enquire whether you have products in stock that are available for ‘sharing’. Please ensure any unit of blood you are going to share is:

  • The correct product (check the name and blood type)
  • Within date
  • Not damaged
  • Please ask the veterinary practice whether they also require an administration set or blood typing kit (if you have these to ‘share’)
  • If you agree that another veterinary practice can ‘borrow’ blood from your practice, you should ensure that you keep a simple record of who borrowed the blood, the product serial number (D number), date borrowed and the staff signature/initials of the person collecting the blood

Please refer to the Blood Unit Packing Guides at the bottom of this page for a detailed step-by-step guide on the correct way to pack these products for transport. Please also provide the data sheet that you received with the original order. If you no longer have this, please remind the vet that these can be downloaded from PBB’s website.

Please remind the person collecting the product that all blood products should be handled with care (particularly Frozen Plasma which is brittle when frozen) and the ports and bag are susceptible to damage if handled incorrectly.

A replacement product can be ordered from PBB. Please state clearly on your order:

  • That the product is a replacement blood product and/or consumables
  • The contact details of the ‘borrowing’ veterinary practice
  • The date that the product(s) were borrowed 

If ordering online, state these details in the comment section at checkout.

We will then send you a replacement product overnight and invoice the practice that ‘borrowed’ the blood for your replacement plus delivery charge.

For the veterinary practice ‘borrowing’ blood products from another practice:

If you require blood urgently and time is of the essence, it may be possible to ‘borrow’ blood from another practice near you. Many of our customers are willing to allow other practices to access their blood products.

To locate a ‘sharing’ practice near you, enter your postcode and distance you are prepared to travel using our Blood Sharing Locator. You can then call the veterinary practice directly to confirm that they have a particular product in stock and are willing to ‘share’ it with you.

When you confirm you would like to go ahead, please check the product expiry date and remember to ask about consumables if you require an administration set or blood typing kit.

After this, you must arrange with the practice to either collect the product yourself, arrange for your client to collect it or for a courier to collect and deliver the product(s) for you. 

When you arrive at the practice, check that the:

You must also sign to confirm you have collected the product.

Please note that if a courier or owner is collecting the product on your behalf, ensure you make the above checks when you receive the product and contact the practice you borrowed the blood from if you have any questions or queries regarding the blood product. It is the responsibility of the veterinary surgeon borrowing the blood product to ensure they have received the correct product.

Once you have borrowed the product, the practice that 'shared' it will contact us to arrange for a replacement to be sent directly to them and for the invoice to be sent to your practice. You will be charged the cost of the product and the overnight delivery charge to send a replacement. All PBB prices and overnight delivery charges can be found here

If, after arranging to collect a unit(s) of blood product, there is a change in the situation and you no longer require the blood product, please contact the practice to let them know.

If you cannot find a suitable blood product locally through the Sharing Scheme, please remember we offer same day delivery.