We have created a blood component table along with decision-making flowcharts to assist you in selecting the best product. You can access them here

Please visit our administration guidance area for detailed information on how to give a blood transfusion. 

We can supply you with everything you need to give a blood transfusion. Please visit our products area and log in or register for an account. When signed in, please use the filter to see all of our ancillary products. 

As a general rule, 1ml/kg of Packed Red Blood Cells will raise the PCV by 1%. Blood products should always be administered using a filtered administration set and the calculated dose given within 4 hours if the patient's condition permits. For full details about administration of PRBC, see our data sheet.

The standard recommended dose for clotting factor deficiencies is 10 - 20ml/kg twice daily.  Blood products should always be administered using a filtered administration set and the calculated dose given within 4 hours if the patient's condition permits.  For full details about administration of FFP, see our data sheet.  

Please visit our administration guidance area for full details on dose rates. 

Red blood cells are stored in a nutrient solution for up to 42 days in a fridge at a monitored temperature of 4 degrees centigrade.

Plasma is frozen and can be stored as fresh frozen plasma for one year and as frozen plasma for up to five years at minus 18 degrees centigrade.

If plasma products are kept outside of the recommended temperature range, exceptionally (i.e. due to equipment failure at the veterinary practice) plasma products which have been exposed to an increase in core temperature not exceeding 4 hours at 22°C +/- 2°C or 24 hours if stored at 4°C +/- 2°C may be refrozen provided:

  • That in the case of FFP and Cryo-P the plasma product is to be relabelled as Frozen Plasma (FP)
  • That the plasma product has been exposed to such a temperature change on one occasion only
  • That the duration of the temperature change has not exceeded four hours
  • That a documented system is available to cover such eventualities
  • That adequate records of the incident are compiled and retained

If plasma products are removed from storage to be transfused but are then found not to be required, if delay is unavoidable, the plasma product may be stored and should be used within 4 hours if maintained at 22°C +/- 2°C or 24 hours if stored at 4°C +/- 2°C, but it should be borne in mind that extended post-thaw storage will result in decline in the content of labile coagulation factors. Therefore, any plasma product to be refrozen must be relabelled as Frozen Plasma (FP) in the case of FFP and Cryo-P. 

PBB stocks and supplies DEA 1 Positive and Negative Packed Red Blood Cells. However, approximately 70% of dogs are DEA 1 Positive and only 30% DEA 1 Negative. Therefore, when we collect blood, it is more difficult to find Negative donors and the pressure on supply of Negative blood is further compounded by the fact that Negative blood can be given to DEA 1 Positive blood type dogs (a regular occurrence where dogs have not been blood typed). To ensure vital supplies of DEA 1 Negative blood are always available for those dogs who can only accept negative blood, we advise that a patient be blood typed prior to a transfusion.

Blood typing in dogs is a simple and straightforward process. You can follow our step by step guide here.

It is best practice to both type and cross match for any transfusion. However, for second and subsequent transfusion in dogs, it is mandatory at any time >4-7 days post the initial transfusion. This is the time it takes for a recipient to produce alloantibody, i.e antibody against foreign red cell antigens.

Yes, all vets in the UK have access to the blood products via our delivery services

We operate an emergency Out of Hours service where we will arrange a same day delivery for you. We have negotiated a preferential service with our courier and are able to offer all UK practices a same day service. The courier will collect your order from Loughborough within one to two hours from order and drive it directly to your practice.

This is a premium service which has an out of hours administration fee as set out in our price list. The individual delivery charge will be provided when you place your order.

If the blood hasn’t been dispatched then you can cancel your order. However, once the blood products have been dispatched we are unable to accept any returns due to the nature of product. Please check our returns policy for full information. 

We can only arrange for same day deliveries that are needed immediately, if the person calling would like a delivery in the morning then advise them to call PBB on 01509 232222 after 9am where staff will be happy to arrange that for them.

We will arrange your order immediately and the courier will collect it from PBB in Loughborough. When we speak to the courier, we can provide you with an estimated time of delivery within an hour and drive it directly to you.

Yes, you may be able to do that. We operate a 'blood sharing scheme' which allows practices to 'borrow' blood from others near them. Enter your postcode into our blood sharing locator to find your nearest sharing scheme practice. 

Please visit www.animalbloodregister.com as owners can register their cats this way. We do supply typing, cross matching, blood collection and administration equipment for cats.