Coronavirus update - please read our current guidance before placing any orders

If you need blood products immediately, please call us on 01509 232 222

You can order canine blood products for non-urgent cases online. We also offer typing kits and administration sets to ensure you have all the necessary consumables for a transfusion. Additionally, we provide blood collection equipment and other diagnostics including BMBT devices. 

To order, please either log in or register for an account using the buttons below. Please create one account for your practice instead of individual accounts for different staff members.

Your account will then be approved by a member of our team and you will receive a confirmation email. Please share the account details with authorised members of staff. If you have any problems, please contact us. 

When you are logged in, you will be able to order ancillary products using the filter on the right hand side.

Although we are unable to provide feline blood products at present, we have created guidance on collecting feline blood. Please visit our transfusion information area for more details. 


If you do not already have a customer account with Pet Blood Bank, please complete our New Customer Form and read and sign our Terms and Conditions before signing up for online ordering. Please email your completed forms to

Once you have a customer account with us, you can sign up for online ordering by using the register link below. After you submit your application, this will be approved by a member of our team and an email will be sent to you verifying your online ordering account.