Martin Handyside

Finance Officer

As our Finance Officer, Martin looks after all things finance and money in the charity. 

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Doreen Steed

Finance Assistant

Doreen is our Finance Assistant. She supports our Finance Officer in looking after our money and cashflow. 


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Emma Birch

Quality Administrator

As Quality Administrator, Emma supports our Clinical Director in ensuring we maintain our high quality standards across the charity. 

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Emma Batchelor

Distribution Manager

Emma is our Distribution Manager which involves managing all of our non-blood related stock, as well as looking after our veterinary customers. 

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Sandy Hawkins

Veterinary Customer Advisor

Sandy looks after our customers. She ensures they all receive excellent service and get the blood they need for their patients.

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Bradley Channing

Laboratory Processor

Bradley is responsible for processing the blood that comes back from our donation sessions, getting it ready to be sent out vets when they need it. 

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