Megan Cooper

Host Venue Coordinator

As our Host Venue Coordinator, Megan is responsible for looking after all our fantastic host venues where we run donation sessions. 

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Becki Redford-Knight

Post Session Coordinator

Becki is our Post Session Coordinator. This means she looks after our donors and their post session welfare.

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Tara Hardy

Bsc (Hons) AFHEA | Laboratory Manager

As our Laboratory Manager, Tara is responsible for looking after all the lifesaving blood products we have in the bank.

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Emma Batchelor

Distribution Manager

Emma is our Distribution Manager which involves managing all of our non-blood related stock, as well as looking after our veterinary customers. 

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Suzanne Nurse

Veterinary Customer Advisor

As our Veterinary Customer Advisor, Suzanne looks after all our wonderful vet customers and helps support them with their transfusion cases. 

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Katy Scott

Stock and Distribution Coordinator

Katy works in our stock and distribution department and helps to ensure that our blood products get to where they need to be, when they need to be there!

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