Feline pancytopenia cases

We are aware of the ongoing and upsetting situation regarding the sudden increase in feline pancytopenia in cats in the UK.

Happy World Blood Donor Day 2021!

Today we’re sending a huge happy World Blood Donor Day to all our fabulous donors and their owners.

The top reasons dogs are unable to donate

We have explored the top five reasons and how preventing these will help save more lives.

Amber's story

Amber, a lovely Vizsla, became very ill and lethargic on the morning of 31 March 2021. Her owners, Mark and Mo, made a quick call to the vets and then rushed her straight in to get checked over.

Cally's story

Meet Cally, a very laid back greyhound who recently became a member of our lifesaving pack!

Carmen's story

Meet Carmen, a fun-loving Spaniel cross rescue who suddenly became very ill at the end of January and needed a blood transfusion.