Today we’re sending a huge happy World Blood Donor Day to all our fabulous donors and their owners. The past year has been challenging but because of you, we have been able to continue supplying lifesaving blood to dogs during the pandemic. By allowing your dogs to continue donating and come into their appointments on their own, you have helped to save thousands of lives. Thank you.

And for those of you who are patiently waiting until we can invite owners back into our sessions, thank you for your understanding on this. And thank you for continuing to help spread the word to others while you have been waiting. Your support means so much.

Please help us spread the word this World Blood Donor Day by letting everyone know about your wonderful lifesaving dog.

And, if you are new to Pet Blood Bank, visit our section on dog blood donation to learn more about our donor criteria, what kind of dogs we need to come forward, what happens at a donation session, and the breeds of dog that are more likely to have the rarer negative blood type, who we particularly need to come forward and help us.