We are so pleased to announce that Dogrobes has chosen Pet Blood Bank as their charity of the year. We will be receiving year-long support from them and are looking forward to working with this wonderful company that shares our passion for the welfare of dogs.

Margaret Reynolds, managing director of Dogrobes UK said, ‘We’re dedicated to dogs, and are passionate about the care and welfare of our four-legged friends so naturally, we’re delighted to partner with Pet Blood Bank UK. We feel that this lesser-known charity is very deserving of a helping hand from Dogrobes. Through our support it will help makes Pet Blood Bank UK’s products as accessible as possible.’

Dogrobes’ announcement has come at a vital time when we need fundraising more than ever to help support our work. The generous support will make a big difference in helping to make our blood products as accessible as possible.

Thank you so much to Dogrobes! To find out more about them, head over to their website.