Due to the current coronavirus outbreak, all crossmatch requests must be received by 3pm to ensure we can process these as quickly as possible.  

Cross matching is used to check the compatibility of a donor and recipient's blood. 

Although it does not tell us the blood type, it does tell us whether or not there will be a reaction. 

Cross matching is a very straightforward yet effective process. Guide to service:

  • Simply send a sample of your patient's blood to Idexx Laboratories with the completed cross match request form
  • Please contact us to advise that you require the cross matching service and provide details of the recipient (failure to inform us will delay cross matching)
  • We will then send aliquots of blood from six donated units of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)
  • Idexx Laboratories will cross match your patient's blood with the six donated units and send the results to both PBB and your practice. If we receive the results by 4pm, we will be able to send the requested compatible PRBC on a next day delivery or in urgent cases using our same day service 

For delivery options and prices, please see our price list.