Cross matching is used to check the compatibility of a donor and recipient's blood. 

Although it does not tell us the blood type, it does tell us whether or not there will be a reaction. 

Cross matching is a very straightforward yet effective process:

  • Simply send a sample of your patient's blood to Idexx Laboratories with the completed cross match request form
  • Please contact us to advise that you require the cross matching service and provide details of the recipient (failure to inform us will delay cross matching)
  • We will then send aliquots of blood from 6 donated units of Packed Red Blood Cells (PRBC)
  • Idexx Laboratories will cross match your patient's blood with the 6 donated units and send the results to both PBB and your practice. If we receive the results by 4pm, we will be able to send the requested compatible PRBC on a next day delivery or in urgent cases using our same day service 

The cost for us to send aliquots is £12.38 and for Idexx to cross match is £51.70; excluding VAT and delivery.

Delivery costs (ex VAT) vary:

  • Next Day (Monday - Thursday) - Before 12 noon – £28.63 (if available in your area)
  • Next Day (Monday - Thursday) - Before 10.30am - £32.42
  • Next Day (Monday - Thursday) - Before 9am - £38.56
  • Next Day Saturday Delivery  - £58.09 

We can offer same day delivery at approximately £1.00 per mile. Please contact us for a quote.