We are excited to announce that we are working with Blood Bikes 4 Pets, a new not-for-profit (and soon to be charity), to create the UK’s first professional motorbike blood delivery service for pets.

Blood delivery motorcycles are a common sight on the roads, working with the NHS to deliver lifesaving products for patients. Working alongside Blood Bikes 4 Pets, our vision is for our beloved pets to benefit from a similar service.

The service is in the very early stages of development, but the aim is that Blood Bikes 4 Pets will be able to support Pet Blood Bank by providing a cheaper and quicker option to deliver blood to vets when it is needed for an unwell patient. This will ultimately make the cost of blood delivery lower, and therefore make blood more accessible to pet owners.

The service will operate as a charity with volunteer riders who can safely transport our blood products across the country on specialist bikes.

Blood Bikes 4 Pets has already gained support from Honda to help get this exciting new concept off the ground, and they are working within the motorcycling community to raise awareness, recruit riders, and raise funds to support their setup.

This is a complex operation to set up and it will take time to grow, but we are very pleased to be beginning our partnership with Blood Bikes 4 Pets and supporting making this idea we have had for a long time into a reality.

Tom Watkins, Founder of Blood Bikes 4 Pets, said, ‘Having owned both my first dog and motorcycle at the age of 12, being able to combine my two favourite things into a worthwhile occupation is a great privilege. Our first response motorcycle has been named Maggie after my beloved pet. We look forward to making our first deliveries in the near future.’